I’m Ali Nasser and I’ve been a photographer for 10 years. The majority of my photography career has been spent at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL photographing weddings and bridals at Disney’s Fine Art Photography and as a photographer at Disney’s advertising agency, Yellow Shoes, where I developed a foundation in marketing and advertising. I am also experienced in architecture, macro, fashion, photojournalism and nature photography.

I have never treated photography as a job; it is a tool with which I am able to express myself. The only way to truly describe my style of photography is “follow my intuition.” There is no method, style or particular technique involved in what I do because every shoot and every client is unique. I’ve learned to look for natural light; if it’s not available, then I create and shape my own light. My goal is to tailor every shoot to each client. Taking into consideration the client’s wishes, given the time of day, space, available light and the mood, I rely on my intuition to capture something new and unique that’s never been done before.